Strategic Shipping & Logistic Services

From complex carrier networks to international compliance requirements, your company faces a daunting array of supply chain challenges. More than ever, you need a logistics partner with global solutions tailored to your company’s evolving needs.

Utilizing the latest Software in tandem with traditional values

You can’t afford to stray from your core business goals and waste time reinventing the wheel for processes that are outside your area of expertise.

It could be as straightforward as warehousing and managing your inventory or as intricate as a full-fledged consumer product reconditioning program. We completely integrate every step of the process and present a seamless flow to you and your customers.

Comprehensive service takes on a whole new meaning when your business partners with ODS as your 3PL. By investing the time to understand the fine details of your operations, our global logistics experts make thoughtful improvements to the process before executing the strategy.


Centrally located in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, Omnia Distribution Services is made up of a task force of professionals that have worked for and with the freight industry’s most innovative and successful leaders in the world.


Omnia Distribution Services has an outstanding history of building long-term relationships and meeting our customers’ needs. Our integrity and personal approach to business have helped us evolve into a full-service logistics and packing supply company.


The knowledge of the freight industry’s major challenges and objectives coupled with a vast database of contacts make Omnia Distribution Services a necessary resource for every company large or small looking for a logistics solution.


When your freight requires fast delivery, we’ve got your back. By working with one of our freight shipping experts, you can get your shipment there in no time flat, whether it’s one large box or a full truckload.